Analytical Tools
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Empirical Analysis using Household and Micro-level Datasets

Formal empirical analysis of the social impact of crises, policy adjustments and other economic events is typically underpinned by an ex- post analysis using nationally representative household survey data.

Social Budget Tracking and Analysis

Social budget tracking and analysis tools monitor the extent of priority and protection given to public budget items and can influence government policies in favour of allocations to children and families.

A Child Rights Lens for Poverty and Social Impact Analyses (PSIAs)

Poverty and Social Impact Analyses, PSIAs, are aimed at facilitating an ex-ante understanding of the potential distributional impacts of a given policy reform. Child rights centered PSIAs, add a child focus to these impact assessments, as tools specifically designed to promote more child sensitive real-time policy making.

UNICEF-European Commission Social Budgeting Toolkit - A Guide to Advancing the Rights of Children, Women and Poor Families through Better Public Finance Policies

Social budgeting can be defined as a process by which society's goals and priorities, are better reflected in public policymaking, notably in the government budget.  In 2010, UNICEF’s Department of Policy and Practice (DPP) with the support of the European Commission prepared a Social Budgeting Toolkit, to serve as a resource guide for advancing the rights of children, women and poor families through better public finance policies. The toolkit provides a review of the background literature on social budgeting, introduces the reader to the different stages of budgeting and public finance management, and presents selected examples of social budgeting initiatives, that together form a resource guide for undertaking social budget work.


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