Analytical Tools
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Empirical Analysis using Household and Micro-level Datasets

Formal empirical analysis of the social impact of crises, policy adjustments and other economic events is typically underpinned by an ex- post analysis using nationally representative household survey data.

Social Budget Tracking and Analysis

Social budget tracking and analysis tools monitor the extent of priority and protection given to public budget items and can influence government policies in favour of allocations to children and families.

A Child Rights Lens for Poverty and Social Impact Analyses (PSIAs)

Poverty and Social Impact Analyses, PSIAs, are aimed at facilitating an ex-ante understanding of the potential distributional impacts of a given policy reform. Child rights centered PSIAs, add a child focus to these impact assessments, as tools specifically designed to promote more child sensitive real-time policy making.

Tracking Public Expenditure and Assessing Service Quality in Early Childhood Development (ECD) in South Africa

Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys (known as PETS) are designed to observe diversion of fiscal spending in moving funds from higher levels of government through multiple administrative layers to the point of service delivery. PETS requires matching financial information obtained from a survey of specific institutions to fiscal data on the allocation of resources to these same institutions, in order to measure leakage of funds away from the purposes these were originally intended for. This requires both good fiscal data and a survey that accurately captures spending at the level of the institutions surveyed. UNICEF, the Department of Social Development, the Department of Education and the National Treasury commissioned the survey reported on here in ECD facilities in three provinces, with quite different social and economic situations, reflecting a broad spectrum of experiences in ECD.


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